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Starting November 27th, join me on this weekly podcast as we explore science that matters to you.
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My Books

As an author with Penguin Random House Canada (Doubleday Canada) I have been fortunate to write two books on our relationship with microbes. You can order the books by clicking on the image.

My Work

For nearly a decade, I've been working to increase public awareness of microbes and health. Most of my efforts come in the form of columns and blogs. Here you can find the most popular sources.

Huffington Post Canada

Each week, learn about the latest research in microbiology and how the information impacts each of our lives. In Huffington Post fashion, it is both interesting as well as informative.


I am a regular in Canadian and international media. You can usually find me on CBC Radio One and also Sirius XM. I've also been involved in the development of documentaries and short films. Keep an eye on the blog for more.

Awareness & Advocacy.

I am working with several organizations and institutions to raise the awareness of science and also to improve the climate for meaningful research.

More About Me.

Since I was a teenager, I have called the laboratory my second home. I started out in biochemistry but eventually found my home in microbiology and immunology. I have worked in several fields including bloodborne, food and water pathogens; environmental microbiology; disinfection and antisepsis; and emerging pathogens such as SARS, avian flu, and Zika virus. I'm proud to have been a visiting scientist at the University of Guelph for many years.

My Blog.

Find my latest posts at my blog site:


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Twitter: @JATetro

Instagram: jasontetro

LinkedIn: Jason Tetro

I'm always eager to connect with like-minded science communicators and enthusiasts. If you have a question about any of my work, please feel free to fill in the form and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.